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Success Spotlight: Julie Ostrow

“I have allowed myself to be more fun. I have gone to the gym more and feel much better. Julie Ostrow
I am sleeping better.

I am also beginning to really embrace my worth as an instructor, coach, professional speaker. And, that feels good.”

Bonita: Thank you, Julie, for being so real and transparent with your feelings and sharing them openly with our readers.  You are courageous, and I deeply value and respect you.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds for you during your journey in Protege. 

“As a result of being a part of the Mastery of Business Protege Master Mind, I have had quite a few breakthroughs or “ah-ha” moments and realizations.The biggest one for me is that failure is not fatal.

I believe all my life I have felt and been taught that if I make one mistake…even ever so slight…that whatever I am doing is ruined, broken, and a failure. It’s like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Thanks to you, Bonita, for helping me realize that failure is not fatal and to take that moment to realize what could be done better. And, I don’t mean in the typical trite way I’ve always heard. But, instead you gave me tools to figure out why something is happening (i.e. overlapped of appointments.)

As a result of using the “Why” journaling technique , I discovered that the reason I would procrastinate is because of feelings of insignificance. That was a big wow for me. Seeing those words written on paper made me realize those are just words. And, getting them out of my head and onto the paper is a cathartic way to get rid of limiting beliefs.

I also realized I was spending a lot of time alone and not allowing time for socializing. And, I was getting way too serious. With being isolated because of the snow and focusing on work, I began to feel like Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining. [“All work and no play makes Jack (Julie) a dull boy (girl)”].

It’s wonderful how when I say with strong intention (whether to myself or to another person) that I need to change something, it usually happens. I have allowed myself to be more fun. I have gone to the gym more and feel much better. I am sleeping better.

I am also beginning to really embrace my worth as an instructor, coach, professional speaker. And, that feels good.”

Julie Ostrow ~
American Laughing Champion
Humor, Laughter, and Improv Coach
Find The Funny Enterprises
Tel. (847) 946-4343
Mastery of Business Protege Master Mind

4 Ways to Accelerate Achieving Financial Success

Sometimes I think we make building a financially successful business a whole lot harder on us than it needs to be.

Financial success in business means creating consistent cash flow, profits, and income.

Here are 4 ways you can make achieving these things in your business faster and easier:

1. Listen with “beginner’s ears”.

We already know that “we know a lot” about how to create financial success in our businesses by identifying a viable market niche, communicating a compelling marketing message, leading authentic enrollment conversations, as well as applying other sound business and financial management pratices.

Yet, so often when we hear a concept about something we’ve heard before we automatically think, “I already know that”,  and we tune out what is being said.

Yes, we may already “know that”, and that is a good thing!

But, are we doing it? 

And if we are doing it – could we do it better?

The truth is if we were already applying everything we know, we’d already would have achieved the degree of success we desire.

If we’re not quite where we want to be in terms of the financial success we’re seeking, we may want to try not to “tune out” so fast when we think we know something, or we’ve heard it before.

Let’s learn to listen with beginner’s ears, listen deeply, and try to find our truth about how to apply the information we are hearing even more effectively in our businesses.

2. Implement what you already know.

Many of us pride ourselves in continually learning something new to help us grow our businesses.

But, sometimes we don’t need more information.  What we do need is help in putting into action everything we already know.

Getting support that helps you with the ‘doing’ part oftentimes is more important to the financial success of your business than learning something new.

Consider this: Maybe it is time to get some focused, one-on-one attention with a mentor who has experience successfully implementing what you may already know – but may not have been able to successfully implement in your business – yet.

3. Focus on “the next step” only.

There are so many things we can do to grow our business.  This can quickly create a state of confusion , overwhelm, and getting (and staying) stuck.

My clients tell me they love how I help them gain clarity and focus on the “one next step” they can take to get them unstuck, and moving forward.  We move forward one step at a time, and by making small shifts and adjustments.

4. Invest in a mentor.

If you’re at the place where you’re experiencing some success, but you’re continuing to make the same decisions and take the same actions you’ve taken before – and you’re not sure what to do differently to get a better result – then this is the sign that it’s time to invest in a mentor.

“Having a mentor is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get where you want to go”

If you can’t see the next step, feel like you keep “spinning the same yarn over and over”, or simply don’t know what to do, get the support you need to get unstuck and moving forward!

Blind Spots: “Snap Shot” Your Biz to Create a Bright, Prosperous Future!

As songwriter Paul Simon sang in Kodachrome, a photograph shows you the nice, bright colors and the green, sunny days of summer, making you feel all right!

You can create a bright future for your business by taking a “photograph” of it to identify your blind spots, and evaluating where you are NOW, and the gaps that exist between where you want to BE.  This is the most sure-footed path to success, because you can clearly see the blind spots, and then take necessary action to correct them.

Here are the simple steps to ‘Kodachrome’ your business to identify blind spots, and create a success plan for next year:

Step 1. Measure Your Current Level of Success

The first step is to identify the major categories in your business to identify blind spots, and measure for success.  I recommend the following 5 categories to pinpoint where to improve:

  • Focus
  • Time
  • Support
  • Clients
  • Income

Why didn’t I begin with the category of ‘Income?’ The reason is because if you lack focus, essential time management skills, and support, getting clients and creating income won’t happen easily.

Step #2. Identify Blind Spots and Golden Opportunities for Growth

Within each category, you want to create 5 statements that you’ll check off ONLY if you’re actually DOING them in your business.

For example, here are the five statements I have in the category of “Focus”:

“I have created my strategic business plan, goals, and objectives for 2013.”

“I know my Unique Value Proposition and how I am differentiated from anyone else.”

“I have a clearly defined marketing message and plan to consistently market and promote my business to a  specific Ideal Client.”

“I know exactly the problems my Ideal Clients struggle with on a daily basis.”

“I know, at a minimum, the next three offers I am going to make to people on my list.”

In the category of “Support” I have these five statements:

“I recognize I cannot grow my business alone, am not a Do-It-Yourselfer, and do not “bootstrap” under the illusion that I will ‘save money’.”

“I have a team who frees my time so I can focus on my brilliance and produce income.”

“I know how to justify investing money and my time in team.”

“I invest in a mentor who gives me regular coaching, who will show me the fastest, surest path to reach my goals; who believes in me, and will provide me the courage I need to step into the unknown.”

“I surround myself with like-minded people who support me, both professionally and in my personal life.”

Step #3. Identify Where You Need to Make Changes

Be honest with yourself and identify where you need to make changes to grow your business. 

Any of the statements in Step 2 that you couldn’t check off means you’ve identified a blind spot that is holding you back from creating a successful business, and generating more income.  These blind spots are making it harder on YOU to grow your business.

Step #4. Take Action

Any item not checked off in your assessment gives you a clear ‘Kodachrome’ snapshot of where to focus improving your business, and identify areas for growth.

For example, if you’re not able to check off the 5 statements (above) in the area of Support, then your action steps are to:

  • Decide not to be a “DIY-er” or bootstrap.  Identify tasks you are doing that, 1) could be better done by someone else, 2) are not an expression of your unique brilliance, 3) are not income-producing, 4) you don’t enjoy or procrastinate doing.
  • Hire a team to do the tasks you identified.
  • Hire a coach; join a coaching program that gives you private coaching and accountability.  Otherwise, you’re trying to do too much on your own, and likely slowing down your progress at a very high cost in both lost income and sanity.

It can be so easy when you are running a business to get tunnel visioned, and think you can’t afford to hire team or a coach. 

The reality is you can’t grow a business alone. 

Only when you accept this, take responsibility for the blind spots, and get the support you need, will you begin to think more clearly about how to take your business from just paying the bills to actually being successful.

To grow a successful business you must identify blind spots sabotaging your success, and then take action to correct them.

The only way to know these blind spots is to first identify them, and then come up with a plan to address them so you make forward leaps on the entrepreneurial path. Anything less than leaping is limping along and struggling.

Kodachrome your business, take a look at the image in the photograph you see, and be honest with yourself.  Make a commitment to being successful. Then, take action doing the things you need to do today, and onward, that you were unable or didn’t know you needed to do yesterday.  Make next year a bright, sunny, successful year, and the start of an everlasting prosperous future for your business!

Do you want to take an easy assessment and create an action plan to make 2013 your best year yet?  Attend my Business & Money Mastery 1-Day Live Intensive Workshop.  This is an intimate workshop experience where you’ll receive lots of my 1-on-1 attention.  Seating is extremely LIMITED.  For full details and to register visit

Success Story – Kathleen Nelson

Kathleen Nelson
Program: Breakthrough Secrets: How to Become Irresistible to Clients teleseminar training series

What did you get out of the program that will help you grow your business? How to be more organized in my approach to getting new clients, and how to proactivley invite clients into my world, rather than waiting for them to show up. The scripts, Done-for-You templates, and worksheets Bonita provided were so helpful, and saved a lot of time implementing what I learned.

What did this program clarify for you? I needed more guidance how to make my offerings concise and to-the-point for the client, so they knew exactly how my services were unique, and how I could help them, so they would invest in my services more readily.

What were you excited about learning in this teleseminar series? We learned new ideas to reach our prospective clients, and how to create programs that we could charge for higher fees, because of the added value. It also made me feel more energized to extend myself “outside of the box”. We learned how to be creative in designing and presenting our offers to clients, and how to be genuine, and not “salesy.” It increased my confidence that I can get new clients, and be successful.

What success have you achieved? I was invited to be a vendor to showcase my renderings of homes/businesses for a home builder who was having an open house. I welcomed the invitation to showcase my product to many potential clients and homeowners, and get some new prospects to follow-up with. Now, I have the confidence to know how to present my work in the best way and get new clients more easily. I know what I learned will help me get new clients!

The Key to Rapid Business Success

One thing I’ve noticed working with my clients is most of them know “what” things they can do to grow their business, like offering teleseminars, group programs, 1-on-1 services, information products, master minds, memberships programs, etc.

The problem is many women quickly become overwhelmed with all these options, and try to do too much too soon, before they are ready.  Then, confusion and frustration kicks in, and they remain stuck because they don’t know what to do next.  “Analysis paralysis” sets in their minds.

The way to solve this common problem is to gain CLARITY and FOCUS about what you need to work on FIRST to grow your business.  This removes the complexity from growing your business.  Then you can breathe easier, and have more fun serving your clients AND making more money.

Here are three business-building tips to help you know where to focus FIRST to grow your business:

Tip #1: Define or Switch Your Niche

If you’re new in business, define your niche.

If you’ve been in business awhile, switch and upgrade your niche, and find new niche opportunities.

The most common problem with new entrepreneurs is they don’t have a defined niche, and try to get their message across to anyone who will listen.  Problem is, their message resonates with no one.

When you are beginning out, there is a lot of value in talking about your business to people who are already in your world, in your list, in your Rolodex.

A strategy to get business quickly is to create an offer specifically for these people, even if they aren’t your desired niche.

And, fairly quickly, new entrepreneurs will want to define their choice client, because this is the path to selling more programs, services, and greater income.  A decisive choice about a niche has to be made sooner in business, rather than later.

If you’ve been in business awhile, say 2 or more years, and you haven’t changed your niche, now is definitely the time to revisit the “niche topic,” and consider switching and upgrading to a new one, or identify new niche opportunities you may not have thought about.

How you do this is focus on “hot” niches in your industry, and begin to brainstorm different specialty niches you can serve.  For example, I serve women entrepreneurs, which is a broad, large category (it’s NOT a niche because it’s too big).  Small business is a “hot” niche.  I can break the client group of “women entrepreneurs” into smaller groups or niches, such as—

women coaches ===> women business coaches ===> start-up women business coaches ===> start-up women business coaches in Chicago.

Then, I market specifically to this group to get and grow my business.  The group of “start-up women business coaches in Chicago” is a much more defined niche than “women entrepreneurs.”

Tip #2: Get Client Success Stories

A big mistake a lot of women entrepreneurs make is they hold back from getting client testimonials and success stories because they fear “taking undue credit” for their clients’ success.

Here’s a personal confession; I am guilty of feeling this way, and letting oodles of testimonials slip through my fingers.

Testimonials are an absolute requirement for getting business, because it is proof that what you do works!

To get quality testimonials, collect them throughout the entire time you’re working with someone.

For example, I had a private personal retreat with a client yesterday, and during the day as we completed modules of the program, I asked her for how what we covered— helped her, what impact it will have for her in her business—and recorded what she said.  Next, what I’ll do is draft a testimonial and send it to her for her approval to publish on my website, in my e-newsletter, program sales pages, etc.

Another tip, write your testimonials for your clients.  If you don’t you will probably wait a very long time to receive one from them…or may never get one.

Tip #3:  Get Expert Help

The only shortcut to shortening the learning curve to business success is to get the best mentoring and advice you can.

Why? Because modeling someone who is successful , and has accomplished what you want to achieve just gets you from Point A to Point B, C, D, etc. much faster….which means your income rises faster, too.

Working with a mentor gives you clarity and focus you lack, because you’re “too close” to the issues at hand growing your business.  It’s not rocket science that other people see things you don’t, and they can give ideas and build awareness about issues, so you can tackle the gremlins holding you back.  They will be there to support you through this journey of self-discovery and growth.

By getting help, you’ll be surprised at how quickly this helps you move closer and closer to your goals and dreams.

Continually seek help, whether it is 1-on-1 coaching with a mentor, participating in a group program or master mind, or listening in on a teleseminar series.  When you do, I can guarantee you will achieve rapid business success!

I am sooooo excited about a program I am offering late June that will help you get NEW CLIENTS and identify NEW INCOME opportunites for your business you may have overlooked… so you will increase the money you have flowing into your business and life.  Stay tuned!  As always, I’ll have a special offer for early adopters. :)

The Upper Limit Problem: Do You Secretly Fear Success?

This year has been a big growth and expansion year for me – inbusiness (biggest year ever), life (children moving out of the home) and on “the inner planes,” stepping into my calling.

And, it’s getting even bigger this year.

I’ve been working with my mentors, and was reminded by one of them again of the sometimes super-frustrating reality that to say YES to your life’s work in your heart, doesn’t necessarily mean your head—with all its doubts, fears, objections, and shenanigans—is going to go willingly.

There is a book titled, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. In this book, he talks about “the one problem that holds you back.” Here it is in a nutshell…

Whenever you start to experience a level of success that’s outside of your comfort zone (what you’re used to), you’ll sabotage yourself in some way to bring yourself back down. Gay calls this the Upper Limit Problem.

We all have the Upper Limit Problem. So like me, my mentors, and everyone else in the world, there’s some part of you that secretly fears success.  Think about these questions:

  • What will happen when you finally reach for your dream and say YES to the work you’re meant to do in the world?
  • What will happen when you decide to claim the abundance that is waiting for you?
  • What will happen when you decide to be happy no matter what the circumstance?
  • What will happen when you decide to invest in yourself and your future?

I can tell you exactly what will happen – your Upper Limit Problem will creep up and burst onto the scene with a big roar.

For me, the Upper Limit Problem has manifested itself in my life over the past few months.  And, I will admit I had some fearful times.  But, once I faced up to it head on, I could focus my attention on doing activities that increased my capacity to expand, rather than keep me contracted, and fearful.

I’d bet you already have some idea of how the Upper Limit shows up in your life…

… Maybe it’s arguing with your spouse…

… Maybe you shy away from reaching out to your peeps with a new offer….

… Or maybe it’s the common experience of dreaming up thoughts that make you feel really bad about how things may not work out.

My coach’s request to you is to make a decision about how you’ll handle it the next time the Upper Limit Problem appears in your life, attempting to sabotage your success.

If you are in a growth stage in your personal life and business, or ready to embark on one, it WILL pop up. 

Then, you can say, “Hey, there it is again… and I know what to do.”

Perhaps you can talk with a mentor or supportive person, or decide on taking actions to break through whatever is manifesting in a way that is holding you back.

Have a brilliant and prosperous week.

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