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Overcoming Resistance: Break Through Resistance that’s Keeping You Stuck

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WARNING! This article will stretch you outside of your comfort zone, whichis a huge opportunity for a breakthrough.

Do you need clients (to be honest, who doesn’t), but you find you feel some discomfort or resistance to reaching out and contacting them, either by email or telephone?  In other words, you’re “hiding out.”

Do you justify this discomfort and NOT taking action by thinking, well, “I don’t want to be a bother,” or “I don’t want to seem pushy or salesy,” or “I’m not ready, yet,” or worst of all, “No one will buy from me, anyway.”

Let me tell you right now that you are staring head-on to resistance that’ll keep your business stuck today, tomorrow, and forever IF you don’t face this resistance, and what’s behind it HEAD ON.

Another sure sign you’re “hiding out” and avoiding uncomfortable situations are you’re constantly tinkering with your website, doing social media, or fine-tuning your brochure and marketing materials to get them “just right”.” The problem is while you’re doing this, clients continue to not show up.

Make no mistake about this: to build a thriving business you do need marketing systems to bring clients to you. However, what I see is these activities can turn into time sucks, procrastination excuses, and places to hide out.

“Hanging back” and waiting for clients to show up feels safe, and comfortable. But, I would bet you a slice of cheesecake that you’re not helping as many people as you could with your wonderful gifts, and your income is suffering, too.

What I am going to ask you to do is a simple exercise to shift your mindset about what you do, how you help, and becoming proactive about putting yourself out there in-front and center with your clients.

Here’s a 3-step, super-simple strategy that’ll shift your mindset, so you’ll want to reach out to that client, send that email, or pick up the telephone for a sales call.

Step 1. Take the focus OFF yourself.

The BEST WAY to deal with those weird feelings about reaching out to potential clients is to take the focus OFF yourself, and redirect it ON to your clients.

Think about how it is your deepest heart’s desire to help other people. You have wonderful, special gifts that will help make their lives better. Before reaching out or calling a potential client think in your mind, “I can help this person, and I am going to communicate a heart-felt, authentic message to tell them how I can help.”

Step 2. Be like a child again.

At first, this may seem a silly suggestion. But, have you ever watched children and the way they approach life? Young children are curious, and step out into the world without fear.

Think about how much courage it must take for a child beginning to walk to take that first step. They don’t know if they will fall or hurt themselves; they take those steps anyway. And, if they do fall, they get right back up again.

Approach reaching out to the people who need you, your potential clients, in the same fearless, awe-inspiring fashion a child approaches life and discovery, and keep moving through what is holding you back.

Step 3. Pay close attention to feelings of resistance.

I’m going to ask you to pay close attention to any resistance you feel when you think about reaching out, emailing, or calling a potential client. Specifically, where is this resistance showing up? This is your opportunity for a breakthrough!

I want to see you succeed. This is the honest heart-felt way I feel.

My coach’s request of you is to keep going when you feel resistance, when you feel you’re getting stuck. Do what you need to do to break through whatever resistance comes up so that you can be a blessing to other people.

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Vision and Goals: What is Your Dream Theme?

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Every year I create a “Dream Theme” for my business. This theme keeps me focused and on track, propelling me forward to achieve my vision and goals for my business. This year, my Dream Theme is “Leverage.”

Every decision I make about the services and products I offer are measured against this theme, and if they are in alignment with my brand. If a decision I am about to make is not in alignment with my theme, I make the necessary adjustments, make a different decision, or discard the idea.

An example of how I put my theme of leverage into action is, I already have a lot of knowledge and intellectual property developed around the topics of marketing, branding, and business growth. So, am I fully leveraging assets I already have? Or am I spinning my wheels creating new material over and over again? The intent here is to maximize and leverage what I already have, rather than creating more busy work for myself.

The results aren’t just good, they are spectacular! I’m making lots more money as a coach, and I don’t feel the overwhelm I used to, because I was constantly creating something new, when what I already had was great.

Having a dream theme keeps you focused, motivated, and increases your confidence because you know you are on a path of achieving the results you desire in your business.

Know it is also common to feel a certain attachment to every idea and dream you create. Instead, I invite you to say “thank you” to the Universe for the idea, then decide if the dream is worth putting any more energy into. You can do this by comparing each idea and opportunity to the “Business Return on Investment.”

How do you decide which ideas and opportunities are the right ones? Your Business Return on Investment is five or six criteria that must be true in order for you to say “yes” to a new idea or opportunity. Here is an example of how to use your Business Return on Investment criteria:

  • Does the opportunity perfectly align with your PASSION, and unique talents, skills, and knowledge you already have to offer?
  • Will it pay $200 per hour (or more) within six months?
  • Will it be profitable in six months?
  • Is it in alignment with your 1-2-3 year vision?
  • Will it be fun to do?

Each of these questions must have a “yes” answer in order for an opportunity or idea to qualify. If not, drop the idea. Express your gratitude to your creative self for the idea to keep creative channels open, and to know that you are open to receiving future creative inspirations!

So what is YOUR dream theme? What word or phrase embraces the direction you want to immerse yourself in this year? Remember, “first thought, best thought!” so don’t second-guess yourself.

Your dream theme will keep you and your small business growth plans on track, keep you from getting distracted, and propel you effortlessly forward into a successful 2011 and beyond.

Have a beautiful and prosperous week,


6-Figure Success: Easiest and Fastest Six-Figure Strategies

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Maybe you’re new in business, and want to fast-track to higher income growth as quickly as you can.

Or, maybe you’ve been in business for a length of time, you’ve successfully grown it to a point you’re happy with, but one day woke up and realized your business was “stuck,” and you are ready for more…getting more of your wonderful work out to people who need it…more joy…and more life.

This tug at your heart is a sign that you’re ready to take the next step and break through to the next level of fulfillment in your business.

The good news is breaking into six-figures is not difficult, whether you are new in business, or a seasoned entrepreneur. You can make the transition quickly and gracefully by embracing a few simple ideas, and taking action.

1. Refine your market niche.

Mastering your niche is surprisingly simple when you apply a few key concepts to the process.

First, be clear about what type of client is naturally attracted to you, and your work. Then, know this client’s problem they need solved. Listen closely to what they are telling you they need help with. Think like your client would, put yourself in their shoes.   Also, make sure the market niche you are serving is viable, and profitable.

2. Transition to offering several levels of services.

These services will be at different investment levels for your clients. Be sure to have a high-end, premium level service you provide. Your high-end services provide more accessibility to you, which translate into a higher investment level. These can be offered as a Platinum program and VIP Day. Create packages for your clients that offer high value that they will be willing to invest.

Lower-end services have less accessibility to you, and may be offered as a Platinum Group Program or teleseminar training series.

3. Raise your fees.

Move away from the mindset of charging by the hour, and toward valuing your services according to the impact and results they make in your clients’ lives. If you can demonstrate that your programs and packages can fix a problem, and provide a return-on-investment to your client (ROI), they’ll be more likely to invest.

To identify the impact of your services, do this simple exercise:

Write down all the ways you impact your clients lives, including the most immediate results your clients are looking for (remember the problem they want solved), 2) finances and money, 3) health and well-being, 4) family and relationships, and 5) future potential.

The positive impact your work has in your clients’ lives goes much deeper than you may have thought about. Once you see this impact, you will have no doubt about the value of your services.

4. Grow your list.

Reach more people so you can deliver your beautiful, creative gifts to the world. Create a campaign to increase your list, which includes a numbers goal and “by when” date. A good goal is to increase your list by 25% in the next 30 to 60 days.

You can do this by booking speaking gigs, working with joint venture partners, networking with your market niche, and launching a new, free, irresistible offer. Use social media to get the word out about your new offer.

Step into a place that provides a whole new level of service and impact in your clients’ lives. And, the beauty is you grow and blossom, as well.

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6-Figure Success: Systems You Can’t Afford to be Missing in Your Business

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 Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the technical “nuts and bolts” of what needs to be accomplished in growing a successful 6-Figure business?

One strategy you absolutely must have in place in your business to grow your list, attract higher and better-paying clients, and make more money is systems.

Systems aren’t a glamorous word, and are one thing most women don’t care too much to think about. This is because systems and procedures are actually a masculine kind of thing, very left-brained.

Many women tend to be more right-brained, creative, and generally more in touch with intuition. Women prefer a fluid design process…and, this is where women can get into trouble, because they resist creating a sequence, and putting things in order.

Then, overwhelm kicks in, and systems are not created (like building, writing an e-newsletter, creating joint ventures, etc.), and your business stays stuck.

What you want are systems that help your business run like a well-oiled and efficient machine.

First, understand that systems liberate you. By having systems you will know exactly what to do, and who is supposed to do a piece of a project, which frees up our energy and time to focus on the work you LOVE doing!

6-Figure Systems You Need

To grow a successful 6-Figure business, here are typical systems you need to have in place:

1. E-newsletter development
2. Delivering a teleseminar that sells
3. Email launches to sell
4. Joint venture collaboration
5. Creating pricing and offer (how to get people to say “yes”)
6. Website development, page-by-page
7. Generating leads
8. Converting leads
9. List-building
10. Writing sales letters
12. Leveraged income plan (services, products, and content)
13. Creating an information product
14. Creating a profitable workshop
15. Customer experience

Examples of other specialized systems I’ve created, and offer as coaching programs are how to:

1. Create a 6-Figure business
2. Create a brand identity
3. Conduct Web marketing

So, you see, there are many systems that must be documented to make running your business easier. Without these systems, it’s just plain IMPOSSIBLE to grow a successful business.

My coach’s request of you this week is to review the list of systems I provided, and make sure the ones you need are in place and working in your business.

If you do, you will free up our energy and time to focus on the work you LOVE doing, and creating a successful business will be easier, and more joyful.

Want to make 2011 YOUR breakthrough year to create 6-figures while getting your Work into the world in a big way? I am offering a unique 6-month mentoring program to get your business to 6-Figures, and beyond. Spaces are limited. Contact me directly for more information.